You thought you needed to know a lot when buying a house? Well, selling a house can be even more overwhelming! Don't worry though, we've got you covered. Here is some great info about buying and selling - because let's face it, you need to understand a bit of both in order to sell your place. Check back for more great info on selling as this page is updated regularly.

Thinking of Selling?
This quick video talks about Darcy's unique Property Marketing Plan. This innovative real estate marketing approach has helped sell tons of houses within a week for well over the asking price.
What is Earnest Money?
Darcy Hardy of the Hardy Group and Keith Pitsch of Loan Depot go into detail about what Earnest Money is, why you get it back, when you could lose it, and what is important about it. All you could ever want to know about earnest money. :)
Source of Funds (What $ can I use to buy a house?)
All you need to know about what money is allowable for a loan. Can I borrow money from mom and dad? Can I borrow money from a co-worker or friend? My money is in stocks or in a safety deposit box or in bitcoin... so many places money can and can not come from.
Rate the Rates Oct 2021
Hear from a lender and agent what interest rates are doing as of Oct 2021.
Realty eXperts: Episode 1
In this very first episode, Darcy and Keith talk about the WA real estate market, they Rate the Interest Rates, and bust some myths about buying.
Realty eXperts: Episode 2 (earnest money & source of funds) Nov 2021
In this episode, Darcy and Keith discuss in detail the ins and outs of Earnest Money. In addition, they go down the rabbit hole on the source of funds - what money can you use and what money can't you use to buy a home?